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-Integrated casting, stable performance, high precision, suitable for small work-pieces-
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Concentrate on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of mold processing machinery and equipment.
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With the professional technical talent reserve, the company adheres to the principle of good design, good quality and good service to create value for customers.
The Four strength advantage of us
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12.Strength advantages
Strong strength, independent research and development,
more than 6,000 squaremeters plant
The registered capital of Longchang Precision machinery is RMB50 million Yuan,and we pay
attention to the introduction of experienced talents in the machinery industry.Since its
development in 2017, We has a R&D and manufacturing team of more than 30 people.The factory
scale is more than 6,000 square meters, with CNC machining center, gantry grinder and other
processing equipment!
Independent R&D advantages
Product 9 advantages, high efficiency
· double "V" type high frequency hardened steel rail
· Platform and guard allied positioning
· The system uses signal sensing to control actions
· No input size of blank material
· Single side or simultaneous repair cutting
· The memory function of cutter feed and withdrawal to improve efficiency
· Improve processing efficiency by 30%
· Small accuracy error
· In-situ steering length processing if width completed
Quality advantage
Ingenious quality, price favorable, fast delivery
Same quality,We have better price; same price, we have better service,
Longchang Precision Machinery has won the trust and support of customers
Short delivery time, average delivery time of 30 days!
After-sales advantage
Provide professional service system
Installation: product package transportation and the factory installation with special personnel
Training: 1-2 days of training, including education and training, supporting remote technical guidance of 7*24 hours.
Maintenance: the professional after-sales personnel will give at least one time on-site guidance on maintenance and product application skills every year.
Repair: nationwide quick response door-to-door service within 12 hours!
Application field
The same quality with lower price, the same price with higher efficiency, Longchang precision machinery is relying on high quality and efficiency to get the trust and support of customers
We has developed a variety of models with keen insight to provide the most efficient solution support for customers with wholesale and processing demand.We...
Our machines are widely applied to the milling and grinding process industry for molds,The finishing metal plate is processed on four sides and six-sided to...
Our CNC milling machine performs fast milling on the four sides of the standard mold base as large as 1.2 meters and as small as 15 series instead of grinding...
It replaces the traditional manual double-sided milling method in the field of hydraulic and oil block, high-efficiency milling, automatic cutter separating and...
Large-scale machining of molds and mechanical parts such as wear blocks, inserts, and Elastomer are more efficient than large work-pieces. Once the...
Non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum plates, copper plates and lead plates are processed with high precision and good finish. Hydraulic clamping is very
Castings, graphite, pump valves and other industries are also using our equipment to produce high precision products...
Longchang focuses on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of the mold processing machinery and equipment.
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Compared with the traditional duplex milling machine, the CNC duplex milling machine realizes the hydraulic clamping.The one-time clamping can complete the milling surface of the four sides, eliminating Cutter positioning...
duplex milling machine is a general term, actually subdivided into several types. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual type, programmed type and numerical control type. Manual type: This kind of duplex milling ...
The layout of milling head((machining surface) According to the layout of the milling head of double-side milling machine, it can be simply divided into the following three types: The first is the most widely used head-to-head type...
Die steel processing plant: Generally need rough milling machine...
At present, the numerical control systems used in duplex milling...
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