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Longchang takes you to understand the characteristics of special milling machines.

How much information do you know about the structure, characteristics and development of the special milling machine? Xiaobian today specially collected some information about special milling machine products, product models, product characteristics and different special milling machine comparison, through a variety of summaries, draw the following relevant information, hope to be able to buy milling machine friends some guidance suggestions!

A milling machine is a machine that processes metal blanks into machine parts. It is a machine for making machines. A special milling machine is a kind of milling machine. There are many ways to process mechanical parts in machine manufacturing: besides cutting, there are also casting, forging, welding, stamping, extrusion and so on. However, those parts which require higher precision and finer surface roughness generally need to be finished by cutting on the milling machine.

The general parts of special milling machine can be divided into five categories according to their functions: power parts, supporting parts, conveying parts, controlling parts and auxiliary parts. The special milling machine refers to the milling machine used for processing specific jobs. The earlier combined milling machine was made in the United States in 1911 and used for processing automobile parts. In the early days, each milling machine manufacturer had its own common parts standard. In 953, the United States Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company negotiated with the United States milling machine manufacturer to determine the principle of standardization of the general components of combined milling machine, that is, strictly specifying the contact dimensions between the components, but not the structure of the components.

Special-purpose milling machine generally adopts multi-axis, multi-cutter, multi-process, multi-surface or multi-station processing at the same time, the production efficiency is several times to dozens of times higher than the general milling machine. As the general components have been standardized and serialized, they can be flexibly configured according to needs, and can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle. Therefore, the special milling machine has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, and is widely used in mass production, and can be used to form an automatic production line.

Special milling machines are usually used for machining box or special shape parts. In general, the workpiece does not rotate. By the rotation of the tool and the relative feed motion between the tool and the workpiece, drilling, reaming, drilling, reaming, boring, milling plane, cutting internal and external threads, and machining the outer circle and end face are realized.

Some combined milling machines use turning heads to clamp workpieces and rotate them, and feed them with cutting tools. They can also realize the machining of the outer circle and end face of some parts of revolution, such as flywheels and half axles of rear axles of automobiles.

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