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CNC deep hole drilling and milling machine is hard rail or line rail good?

In fact, there is nothing good or bad about the hard track and the line track. It can only be said that it is not suitable because they have different emphasis. Let's take a look at their respective merits and demerits.

1. the advantages and disadvantages of NC deep hole drilling and milling machine hard rail and its application

Hard rail sliding contact surface is large, rigid, strong earthquake resistance, load-bearing capacity, suitable for heavy-duty cutting.

Hard rail belongs to dry friction, because the contact surface is large, making friction resistance is also large, moving speed can not be too fast. At the same time, it is easy to creeping. The gap exists on the moving surface, which leads to machining error. Maintenance of milling machine track is the most important, once the track lubrication is not sufficient, it will cause track burning or wear transition, these are fatal damage to the accuracy of milling machine.

The application of hard rail is suitable for heavy cutting, large mould, high hardness workpiece and general workpiece with accuracy requirement.

2. advantages and disadvantages of CNC rail drilling and milling machine and its application

Now many milling machines run very fast, especially the space speed, which is largely dependent on the merits of rail; rail after pre-tightening treatment can achieve zero clearance between tracks, high precision; in terms of service life, rail is much higher than hard rail.

The rail bears less cutting force than the hard rail, only for the hard rail, in fact, many milling machine's rail has greatly improved its bearing capacity.

The application of wire rail is suitable for high speed machine, high speed cutting, suitable for processing products and small precision moulds. Today, more precision machining centers use wire rails.

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