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the cutter requirements of CNC duplex milling machine

Cutter is the teeth of modern industry, and is a crucial part of the mechanical components.CNC duplex milling machine also cannot leave the cutter naturally.

the rigidity is the most important quality of the cutter. Good rigidity can adapt to changes in cutting and machining. Cutters with poor rigidity are prone to wear and chipping

The wear resistance of cutter, the good wear resistance will not have a great influence on the surface roughness and processing precision of the machined part, thereby obtaining a high quality product.

The size of the CNC duplex milling machine is different, the characteristics of the processed materials and the precision requirements of the products are different, and the requirements for the cutter are also different.

The CNC duplex milling machine with a small cutter requires good rigidity and wear resistance, high precision, good surface roughness, and is mainly used for finishing and semi-finishing.

The CNC duplex milling machine with large cutter requires a good rigidity, low precision and low cost. The main processing materials are large blanks, light sheet materials or high-strength steels, titanium alloys, etc.

The CNC duplex milling machine with high precision can reach 0.01mm, which requires the cutter have good rigidity, heat resistance and stability, and is not easy to be deformed.

The CNC duplex milling machine for roughing does not require precision, only requires a large amount of cutting capability, high efficiency, low cost, and even requires the cutter to cut the fire cutting material.

Precision CNC duplex milling machines have certain precision requirements for the products produced. If the cutters are not resistant to wear, heat, and easy to deform , they will have a major impact on product quality. This puts the dimensional stability requirements on the tool. In addition, the cutter is also required to be easy to install, replace and adjust.

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