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Commonly used Cutter and tips for CNC duplex milling machines

The CNC duplex milling machines have been increasingly welcomed by the market in recently , and their efficiency has been recognized by many business owners. What are the common cutter used in CNC duplex milling machines?

According to the hardness from high to low, there are generally several types of Cutters: diamond materials, ceramic blades, cermet blades, alloy blades, high speed steel.

CNC duplex milling machines generally use two types of ceramic blades and carbide blades.

Ceramic blade has stable performance, difficult to deform, high hardness, low cutting capacity, and less toughness than alloy blade. the blade sometimes occur crack and broken but the polish is better, its main application is in finishing and half finishing of all sorts of cast iron and special steel g, poor Ceramic blade only needs a few yuan even.

Carbide inserts use tungsten as the main material, which has good hardness, good strength, good wear resistance and toughness. Its hardness is second only to diamond, so it is widely used. In addition to processing special steel in CNC duplex milling machine, it is often used for roughing and semi-finishing of special steel materials, and finishing is slightly poor.

The cermet insert is better in thermoset than ordinary cemented carbide and has excellent wear resistance. It is often used for precision machining and processing of viscous materials such as stainless steel.

The use skills of Cutter:

Milling soft materials requires a sharp edge, and the soft material does not damage the cutters. Hard material will cause great loss to the Cutter, the sharp edge will be easy to wear

According to the principle of milling the soft material first and then milling the hard material, the wear loss can be effectively reduced!

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