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The following points should be done by operators of CNC duplex milling machine, then the machine will be used more and more convenient!

The following points should be done by operators of CNC duplex milling machine, then the machine will be used more and more convenient!

Everyone knows that a machine can only be stable and easy to use if it is well maintained. This is done well in foreign countries. In view of this, we have collected and summarized the experience of foreign countries and shared it with everyone.

The machine should be kept in the normal working environment temperature to achieve quality processing .

Working environment temperature range: 1 ° C ~ 40 ° C

The surrounding should be kept ventilated and dry, should not be in humid area, should not be in direct sunlight area.

Dangerous, inflammable and explosive articles, corrosion, strong acid and strong alkali are prohibited around.

Stable address, no large vibration source around, no strong electromagnetic interference.

Avoid siting in areas that are too dusty.

Checking before work:

1. checking the ground without oil leakage, water accumulation and other abnormal phenomena around machine

2. Checking whether the oil level of the pump reaches the designated position and the oil pressure is normal. (type of lubricant, required to use the specified brand and grade of oil.)

3. Checking whether the air pump is normal and the air pressure is sufficient.

4. Checking whether the lubricating system is normal , and the lubricating mechanical equipment can effectively improve the service life.

5. Turning on the power switch, paying attention to the operation panel, and checking whether it can enter the system.

6. Checking whether the processing light is normal.

7. The interference of high vibration and signal source should be prevented around machine.

Checking before leaving work:

1. Ensuring that the machining of the work-piece is completed, to avoid the situation that machine is still running but people have leaved!

2. Due to the large amount of iron filings generated during the milling processing, even if it is closed processing, it is impossible to avoid the iron filings falling to the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to clean iron filings internal and surrounding ground of the CNC duplex milling machine in time after work. Including Cutter, rotary table, chip trough and protective cover sheet metal.

3. Following the principle of turning off the system before turning off the power supply.

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