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Classification of double-side milling machine

The layout of milling head((machining surface)

According to the layout of the milling head of double-side milling machine, it can be simply divided into the following three types:

The first is the most widely used head-to-head type. The base casting of the entire duplex milling machine has a cross shape, and the two milling heads are distributed on one side.

This layout is also divided into numerical control type, program control type and manual type.

Numerical control type is often used to process the four sides of the work-piece. With hydraulic clamping, the numerical control system can carry out automatic Cutter positioning and separating. The duplex milling machine produced by our company is this Layout.

program-controlled and manual-type are often used in the milling both sides of work-piece.

The second is the rectangular layout.

This kind of product is rare and needs to be customized. It is mainly used for processing large work-piece with length of more than 1 meter.

Its advantage are that it can process plane and side of the work-piece with one clamping, and have some complementary action with the first layout.

The third is the side-by-side layout

Such a layout is less common,the double milling heads are parallel with one rough milling and one finishing milling, but the two milling heads are all on the same body, which will affect the precision of finishing milling. Therefore, the current technology is still immature with few application cases.

Divided into belt type and gear type by configuration

The two types have their advantages and disadvantages. The double side milling machine with belt type has lower cost, and the cutting amount is smaller than gear type. However, the advantages are obvious that belt is easier to repair and replace, and finished surface is more smooth.

The single side cutting capacity of gear type is generally more than 3mm, if the regular processing hardness is more than 45HRC and the margin is more than 8mm, it is recommended to use double-side milling machine of gear type.

divided into regular type and strong type by cutting amount

Regular type:

Taking the common 45# saw-cutting material as an example, the single cutting amount of the conventional type double-face milling machine is about 1.5-2.0mm and the motor power has a great loss in the process of passing through the belt to the cutter.

Powerful type

powerful double-side milling machine with higher power spindle servo motor can effectively increase the number of single cutting.

Gear type: adopt gear box type spindle head, usually, have more cutting ability than belt type spindle head.

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