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Brief introduction of duplex milling machine classification (1)

duplex milling machine is a general term, actually subdivided into several types.

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual type, programmed type and numerical control type.

Manual type:

This kind of duplex milling machine has been basically eliminated, as the earliest product, It is cheap and the occupation area is small, complete manual measurement and Cutter positioning and separating, It has high requirements for operators and no precision to speak of . At present, only old operators are using it. Only found in some small workshops that make hydraulic products!

Program-controlled type: this type of duplex milling machine is not common and only has a small number of applications in mechanical parts, hydraulic products, casting milling surface.Manual tooling fixture clamping, no precision indexing plate (CNC rotary disk), low precision.

CNC type:

CNC duplex milling machine is an emerging product that has been gradually developed since 2011. It has great market potential and shoulders the mission of replacing traditional duplex milling machine. With the increasing number of users, its efficiency and high precision have been recognized by the whole market.

China is the world's largest mold processing market. This product can be seen in both the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta mold processing industry clusters or the old industrial areas in the north! It is gradually infiltrating into inland provinces. : Changsha International Mould City, Wuhan International Mould City, Hefei Mould Industrial Park, Jiangxi Wuyang Mould City, Chongqing China Mould City, etc.

Second, according to the size of the work-piece, the duplex milling machine can be simply divided into 430 type, 600 type, 850 type, 1000 type and so on.

Type 430 is commonly used in small enterprises or workshops for small parts such as valve block inserts, gaskets, wear blocks, small molds etc. Because the land area is only about 9 square meters, a small store is enough to put down the equipment, and the price is very affordable. This type of model is more common in Guangdong!

600 type is the most popular model, and there are five or six of the ten firms that use this model. Why is that? The price is moderate, the processing range basically covers the commonly used product specification, this is the fundamental reason that most enterprises choose this model!

Type 850 and type 1000 are relatively rare. Equipped with cutter of diameter 300mm, they are only used by enterprises that do large work-pieces, castings and molds. They are customized models. Small enterprises generally do not have enough funds to purchase this. Moreover, they occupy more than ten square meter and weigh more than ten tons. The general stores cannot accommodate such equipment. The processed work-pieces are larger and heavier, and must be equipped with more than 2 tons of cranes for normal use.

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