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The advantage and disadvantage of traditional duplex milling machines and CNC duplex milling machines!

Compared with the traditional duplex milling machine, the CNC duplex milling machine realizes the hydraulic clamping.

The one-time clamping can complete the milling surface of the four sides, eliminating Cutter positioning and separating, high processing efficiency, reducing labor intensity and cost. , higher security .

The contrast table:

the traditional duplex milling machine

The CNC duplex milling machine

Clamping way


the hydraulic clamping.

Processing method

two-sided processing

four-sided processing
Cutter Positioning manual Automatic
Cutter Separating manual Automatic
System No Option: BaoYuan, Mitsubishi, Fanuc
Efficiency Low high
Labor intensity High Low
safety Low High
Working environment Dirty Cleaning
Salary RMB 7000 RMB 5000-6000
Accuracy Low(10-50 Wire) High(1-2 Wire)
Smooth Plate Processing Ok Ok
Finishing Plate Processing No Ok
Surface Roughness 30 5
Worker requirement High Low
Worker Recruit Difficult Easy
Areas Small(3-4 Squareness) ) Large(9-16 Squareness)
Purchase cost 5-8万 RMB 50-80 Thousand 30-60万 RMB 300-600 Thousand
Daily profit 500+ RMB 500+ 2000+ RMB 2000+
Cost recovery time Half a year Ten month
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