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What is the processing range of duplex milling machines?

I do the finished plate processing and sometimes will talk about the topic with Friends who also have duplex milling machines.

after consulting many manufacturers who specialize in duplex milling machines, I have basically figured out the processing range of duplex milling machines.

As far as the vicinity of Longgang, Shenzhen, the types of duplex milling machines I have seen are nothing more than seven types: 300, 430, 500, 600, 700, 850, and 1000.

The type 300 double-side milling machine is the smallest I have ever seen. The range of processing is 20-300mm, often used for processing small pieces product with large amount like hydraulic valve block, wear-resistant block, insert block etc.

There are a lot of 430 models, the processing range is often from 20 to 430mm , the range is not too big, but there is still an advantage in small material processing.

Models 500 are rare, and the processing range is around 30-520, which is often used for small metal processing.

Model 600 is the most widely used and most popular model,with a wide range of processing from 30 to 600 in length and width, some brands can process 30- 650, which basically covers a relatively common range of work-piece size. And its price moderate and acceptable.

The processing range of the Model 700 is often between 30 and 700. The machine size is between medium and large, occupying a large area, exceeding ten square meter.

The 850 duplex milling machine is a large-scale . It has a floor space of more than 15 square meters. The cutter head is generally equipped with 300mm. It is mainly used for metal blank processing with a large margin. The processing range is generally 60*60- 850*850.

1000 type duplex milling machine is rare, a small amount exists in metal wholesale and processing enterprises, the floor area can reach 18-20 square meters, the processing range has reached an amazing 100*100-1000*1000. The processing efficiency is extremely high.The single side chip amount is more than 3m

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