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Which is the good CNC duplex milling machine in China?

I've been asked by my friends which is the good CNC duplex milling machine in China, and I will made some introductions today.

First, making it clear that what suits you is the best! Expensive equipment is not necessarily suitable for yourself, brand equipment like Japan and Taiwan is more expensive and their prices are generally two times or more than that of domestic products. But it doesn't help, it doesn't create more value for you, it's less functional just having advantage of stability.

Production efficiency is the life of the enterprise. Choosing a high-efficiency CNC duplex milling machine can guarantee the enterprise profits, Jinjiarun Machinery's products are more efficient than other brands. The inductive control mechanism adopted by it will react faster; The rotation is performed after the width surface is processed, eliminating the time for the workbench to go back and forth.

The stability will be better if the quality of the accessories is good! Jinjiarun Machinery uses products from internationally renowned brands to ensure stable and durable quality. Global partners include: Japan's Mitsubishi, Taiwan's Baoyuan, Taiwan's HIWIN and so on.

From research and development, Jinjiarun Machinery has invested millions of Yuan each year in research and development of new products and new functions. At present, there are many technologies in the industry that have been maturely applied.

For example, the interlinked positioning of positioning plate and worktable , which can be quickly finished at a speed that is twice as fast than a normal double-side milling machine; when width processing is completed, work-pieces can be turned in situ to the length , saving the time of moving in and out of the worktable. The work-piece can be repaired on one side or both sides at the same time. Unique light pattern, etc...

The excellent assembly technology ensures that the product has a squareness of 1 wire /300mm and a parallelism and verticality of 1.5 wire /300mm. It is a sharp tool for finishing six metal surfaces.

Jinjiarun CNC duplex milling machine is cost-effective, high-precision, multi-function, fast response and stable performance! For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account of Jinjiarun Machinery, or call us directly.

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